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Soundbrenner Pulse

$99.00 USD
Soundbrenner Pulse

Soundbrenner Pulse

$99.00 USD
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Finally, a metronome that you'll actually love using! The Soundbrenner Pulse is the metronome for the 21st century – wearable, intelligent, and powered by vibrations.

It becomes even more powerful when combined with The Metronome by Soundbrenner, our popular mobile app available for iOS and Android. Using the app, you can create and save complex rhythms, organize them into setlists, and even choose custom vibrations and LED colors.

Included in the box:

  • 1 Soundbrenner Pulse
  • 1 short band
  • 1 long band
  • 1 magnetic charging station
  • 1 USB charging cable

Welcome to the future of rhythm.

Soundbrenner Pulse
  • No more annoying clicks.

    With the precision vibration technology built in to the Soundbrenner Pulse, your mind is free to focus on the music – not on the click.
  • Feel the beat – together.

    Whether you're a dynamic duo or a five-piece ensemble, you can all stay in time with Soundbrenner's Multilink. Connect up to 5 Soundbrenner Pulse units to a single smartphone or tablet and feel the beat together.
  • Behind you on the stage or in the studio.

    Built-in support for MIDI Clock means you can feel the beat wirelessly straight from your favorite Mac-based DAW. Use MIDI Notes to silently trigger backup dancers or vocalists.
  • It's your rhythm. Take control.

    Create and save complex rhythms, choose different subdivisions, set accents, and even change the length and intensity of the vibrations using the Soundbrenner app.


  • Rhythms

    Full support for different time signatures and subdivisions
    Set accents on any beat
    Choose any tempo from 20 to 400 BPM
    Save an unlimited number of custom rhythms
  • Customization

    6 color choices including white, green, azure, blue, and pink
    Option to turn lights off completely

    12 vibration levels ranging from a precise tap to a strong pulse
    Option to turn vibrations off completely
  • In The Box

    Soundbrenner Pulse
    Short band for wrist or ankle
    Long band for upper arm, calf, or thigh
    Magnetic charging station
    USB charging cable
  • Compatibility

    iPhone 4S / iPod touch 5 / iPad 3 and newer
    Most modern Android phones and tablets

    Operating Systems
    iOS 8.4 and newer
    Android 4.3 and newer

    Third-Party Sync