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Chastity Ashley – Percussionist for Duran Duran

Chastity Ashley – Percussionist for Duran Duran

"It’s totally amazing for me. I mean, it’s like a complete game changer."

Chastity Ashley is an American vocalist, percussionist, drummer and songwriter who has worked and performed with Duran Duran and Beauty In the Breakdown.

On the Soundbrenner Pulse

First of all, it's not annoying where you have to have it in your ear and worry about a mix. When I've had a click in my in-ears, along with everything else that's going on, sometimes it takes away form the vibe of what I'm submersed in – which is playing the music.

The advantage of something like the Soundbrenner Pulse is that it allows me to break free of that, and have it become a part of me. Actually being able to feel the pulse on my body as opposed to a ringing in my ear is totally amazing for me.

On the importance of using a metronome

When you start practicing incorrectly, you're going to develop bad habits and the further you get, you're going to have to correct those bad habits. As we know, once you establish something inside yourself, it becomes a default method and it's hard to break those types of molds.

I would say it would be a moral imperative to use a metronome and practice accurately so that you can truly be the very best at what it is that you're trying to accomplish. Especially as a drummer...or for a bass player or guitar player or anyone playing music, timing is everything.

It's the space between the notes that people hear, it's not even just the song, but the space between. You're not gonna be able to deliver that accurately unless you really hone in on mastering time.

On the importance of precision on stage or in the studio

I think that working with a metronome actually helps you work with a click track way more efficiently. As a matter of a fact, being on a world tour with so many components going on...I had a click track as well as backing tracks in my in-ears and without that metronome going, I would've been lost in a sea of sound. 

It would've been game over for me.

There's no way at that capacity that you can keep it all together without having that root, that pulse, that heartbeat going on which the metronome creates to keep it all together. It helped tremendously.